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Rabu, 06 Agustus 2014

Long Distance....

Hi ,,,,

Have you ever been waiting for someone until you feel so bored?
Now, i'm in this situation...
Feel so bored, even in basicly this is an usual feel,
Because there is no time like before anymore,
Because there is no text as usual that I get from him anymore,,,
Because there is no Love as deep as before,,,

Now, all of the feel like dissappear, lost....

We are in Long Distance Relationshi(t)p now,
We are in Backstreet Relationshi(t)p too,
and We are in Busy Relationshi(t)p again,

Just trying to fight and stand in this way,
but this isn't as easy as I think at the first,

Should I stop it ?

pict : from google.

6 komentar:

  1. are we in the same situation..?

  2. jarak jauh itu uji kesetiaan dan dekat itu uji perasaan :)
    hidup itu indah loh,, tetap tersenyum kawan apapun yang terjadi :)

  3. @yeni : yes. we are....maybe we need to watching movie,,ahaahha

    @fatich: nice :)

  4. Kepercayaan tu pinting walau jarak dan waktu. Memisah kan kita...tu kuci kebagian..??