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Kamis, 03 April 2014

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Everything has happened and will be happen in the world has a reason. Whether it's rational or irrational, whether it has a wanted reason or not. That's happening with a girl 23 years old. Ennelis. She is a daughter from the most famous businessman in her town. Her Daddy has abundant wealth, his wealth was predicted never all over until his seventh descent. That's not weird if Ennelis accustomed with glamour life. Everything that she wants always she gets, because her father gives it for her. But, only one that never she gets from her father, it is affection. Ennelis spends her time in her room, she called “screet garden”. After her mom passed away, she never goes to school, she never works anymore. She just collects an awkward doll. She likes it. She feels there are so many friends in her screet garden. She just talks to the doll for along day. Sometimes she forgets to eat, to take a bath, even to sleep. It's sound odd habitual, but she has reason why she does it.

Ten years ago.......
It was raining like a storm, the sky seemed like angry to earth, lightning darting seemed like the nature wouldn't be friend, the wheather was very unfriendly at that time. Ennelis, 13 years old, was sleeping on her bed. But, the noise outside bother her. She tried to ingnore her frightened. Sudden, the terrifying wind blowed in her room through the window, and shake easily all of furniture in her room. Praaakkkkk !!! It heard like a something has fallen on the floor, Ennelis presumed to out from her coverlet. She tried to find something has fallen caused the wind, it turns out the family photos frame that has fallen a part on the floor. In that photo, her mom seems like beautiful, her daddy seems like handsome, both of them hugged Ennelis warmly. It wasone years ago when Ennelis was twelve years old. Suddenly, the badly yearning of her happiness pierced into her heart. Her chick was wet, the tears run out from her eyes. She cried. She wanna the happiest moment in her life come back in her family. There is no harmony in her family, anymore. Since her daddy decided to marry again. None who explained about it to Ennelis. She just saw that her mom cries and argument with her daddy everyday. Ennelis, a little girl just silent blank streses when it happened. Kreeeeeeekkkkkk !!! The door opened, the sound of her door interrupt her fantasy. While Ennelis wiped her tears from her cheek, she look toward to the door, it appear her mom opened the door. Ennelis's mom looked like unusual, her face was pale, gave a sign for Ennelis to follow her walked outside from room. Enelis was following her mom from backside. The lihgting was sober, it made Ennelis so difficult to see around, but she knew that her mom invited her to the daddy's rading room. That was very unusual, her mom didn't holding her hands. Ennelis tried to reach her mom's hand, but she cannot.
Then, both Ennelis and her mom were in a reading room.. At that night, her mom wore a white blouse, her hair lefted untidy, and her eyes seemed swollen . If she had been crying? Without expresion, her mom told about all of the true story that happened in their family. It's too early for Ennelis knew about complicated problem. She should enjoyed her adolescence whit cherrfull, happiness, and full of affection from her parents. Her mom took a book on the pile of books. From outside the book, it is looked like ordinary book, but when her mom opened the book, there is a gun. It turnend out that the book it's only imitative, actually it for keeping gun. The gun was father's it suggesed to kill her mom. At least, that told her mother. Ennelis frightened, she just silent, and cried without sound when her mom threatened her with the gun. Her mouth suddenly was mum to disenchant her mom's madness. Her eyes closed, seemed resigned to receive what will happen. The creepy iron touched her head. Cool, dark, silent, frightened ! Dooorrrr... !!!
That's sound explosion from the gun. The noise was very loud so made all of the people who lived in that home awoke. The gun spewed bullet, not to Ennelis's head but in her mom's head. She suicided, and was passed away at that moment. Ennelis found something weird in her mom's hand, her mom huged a doll. But, whereit came from? And Ennelis took that doll.
Ennelis woke up from her bad dream, the sun was shining warmly. The dream always come to her sleep, it was passed but it felt happen on and on in her dream. That's why, she felt so frightened when she went to bed. Ennelis spends her time in her room, she didn't go to the school or went to the work anymore. Oneday, she decided to find another activities in outside because she felt bored. She walked away from her house alone. None who accompenied her. She never felt like that so far. She walked based on her conscience. When she sat on a bench in the garden, downtown. She smile at her self, I t turned there are so many happines in outside, chikdren played happily, the parents chitchat with another parents, partly the people just reading a newspaper and lunch together.
When Ennelis still enjoyed an overview in front her, an unkwon man come to her. The man to the point introduced her self to Ennelis. Ennelis seemed unfriendly, she just nocomment when he was talked. He was called Josh. Almost a half hour, Josh has been talking to the Ennelis, and Ennelis still silent. Josh stoped to talk and looked at Ennelis.
“What do you want?”, Ennelis asked to Josh.
“Finally you are talking.”, Josh felt so relieved.
“What do you want?”, asked Ennelis again.
“Nothing, I just wanna be your friend”, Josh smiled at Ennelis. Ennelis no expresion.
“I wanna u go away from my eyes ! “, said Ennelis angry.
“ Ok, I will go, but tomorrow you have to date with me !”.
“Are u crazy ? I don' t know you , you even don't know me ! How come we go date together?”, Ennelis angry.
“I know you, Ennelis.....”,
“How come you know my name?”, Ennelis was expected.
“Not only your name, but also your dad.” said Josh.
“How come? Don't tell wast story to me,” Enelis bring her bag and let Josh alone, but Josh wont
“Your father married with my mom long long ago, it means i'm your step brother, actually i've been spying you, it around ten years ago, I just wanna know who is my new dad, he never tell anything to me about previous family, and after I am stalking, I know you.” Josh told without Ennelis permission.
“What for you spy my family?”, Ennelis looked at to Josh.
“I wanna make sure that my mom marry with right people, and make sure that my mom happy with her choose.” said Josh.
“And as your expection, your mom live with my dad happily ? But not for my family, my mom despreted about it, and decided to suicide. And me,,,,i don't know,,,,!”, Ennelis cried.
“I'm so sorry, but I don't know if your mom suicide. Sorry....”, Josh felt so guilty.
“I wanna redeem my guilty all this time, give me opportunity.” asked Josh
“You and your mom never get back my happiness like before.” Ennelis went away from Josh quickly.
Josh just felt so guilty to Ennelis's family. He wanna gave Ennelis happiness liked her dad gave before.
Next day, Josh saw Ennelis in the garden and sat on the same bench. She seemed like read a book. Josh wont to disturb her time, she just saw Ennelis from his side . He spied Ennelis everyday. Until oneday Josh decided to meet Ennelis in the same place like before. At this time Ennelis keeped calm and let Josh sat on her side. John talked more than before, Enneliss too. Both of them tried to share anything, Ennelis and Josh laugh together, they get closer. They spend their time together. They was doing everything together. Now, Ennelis has a friend. Her life not dark again, she has new collors not only black or white, but also colorfull, she called Josh. Ennelis fallen in love with Josh, Josh too. But they know that they never can live together like a lover, because they are brothers.
Ennelis's life has changed because Josh, there is no weird habitual, no colected awkward doll again, there is no sadness again. One evening when Ennelis went to bed, she doesn't found her doll. One of collectin doll. The doll which hugged by her mom. Why the doll suddenly lost? She never brought the doll out from her room, who was steal?Ennelis looked for to other side, but there is no result. She was sad. The doll accompanied her as long as her mom passed away now the doll lost.
On other hand, her dad now that Ennelis got closer with Josh, more than brothers, but it seemed like a lover. Her dad very angry, Ennelis banned to meet Josh vice versa with josh. Her dad just gave her sadness,he doesn't care about her happiness. Josh the only one who restore her happiness, and now her dad snatched it from her. Ennelis couldn't to struggle her love again. And one big dream to life with Josh was only dream. Ennelis broken heart. There is no happines in her life, all of back to the dark. Ennelis hopeless,she thought that her life useless. Her mom was passed away, her dad don't care, Josh went away from her because her dad banned Josh met Ennelis.
One night, Ennelis with her sadness looked the moon, the moon seemed invited Ennelis to fly away to the moon. Ennelis felt so comfort, she saw her mom was fly beautifully to the moon, unconscious Ennelis stepped forward, as if her mom invited her to fly away with her. Ennelis flight away not to the moon but to the earth. She has fallen from her room that fourth floor. Ennelis passed away. All people suggesed that Ennelis suicided. In her room Ennelis hoped that none got experience same as with her. Let only her that did it !