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Everything has happened and will be happen in the world has a reason. Whether it's rational or irrational, whether it has a wanted reason or not. That's happening with a girl 23 years old. Ennelis. She is a daughter from the most famous businessman in her town. Her Daddy has abundant wealth, his wealth was predicted never all over until his seventh descent. That's not weird if Ennelis accustomed with glamour life. Everything that she wants always she gets, because her father gives it for her. But, only one that never she gets from her father, it is affection. Ennelis spends her time in her room, she called “screet garden”. After her mom passed away, she never goes to school, she never works anymore. She just collects an awkward doll. She likes it. She feels there are so many friends in her screet garden. She just talks to the doll for along day. Sometimes she forgets to eat, to take a bath, even to sleep. It's sound odd habitual, but she has reason why …